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Anders Trabjerg: was born in Denmark, in 1976, and grew up in the village of Hee, on the west coast of Jutland. During childhood his home was full of music as his parents were part time musicians for local parties and dances ( his father is a continental accordion player/composer and his mother plays the drums). Anders started learning to play the accordion at the age of 7 and he was out playing with his parents a few years later.

In 1994 Anders received the Titano Prize at Titano Festival in Norway for his work with Norwegian Traditional music. That was in the same year he became interested in Irish traditional music. The next 2 years were spent learning the tunes from Danish/Irish musicians living in Denmark. That was not enough so, in July 1996 aged 20, he moved to Galway where he found the music and culture by which he was fascinated.

Although he has been away from Ireland a number of times, he always came back and has lived permanently in Galway since 2000.

In 2001 Anders recorded his first solo album ‘Boxed’, containing mostly Irish music and some Scandinavian tunes, was well received in Ireland and Internationally. He received the Danish Music Award Trophy, for the ´Best Roots Release of 2001´, at the Awards Ceremony in 2002.